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From Joslyn Westbrook comes a steamy contemporary romance featuring star-crossed lovers whose undeniable chemistry will make fans of royal romance swoon.

I’m no damn fairy tale princess. 

As far as I’m concerned Prince Charming can just suck it. 

So, guess what?

I, Arabella Royale, do solemnly swear to never fall for another member of the opposite sex. 

And I mean it this time.

Instead, I’ll focus on my family's hotel empire.

That is...

Until I come across him—Mr. Royal Scorching Tattooed Hotness who happens to be a prince on the run. 

Before I know it, our attraction blazes hot enough to cause an international incident—a royally scandalous one. 

And in the world of all things majestic, we may have to decide if true love can overrule even the noblest of duties.

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