Once upon a time, there was a prince who just so happened to be bow-chicka-wow-wow hot... 


Arabella Royale, Princessa of Savannah, is done with love—especially since she just escaped the social aftermath of her dumpster-fire relationship. 
But when she bumps into His Royal Scorching Hotness, all that brooding, tattooed sexiness proves impossible to ignore.  
Falling for this charming prince could be bad—real bad—not only for his country, but also for her heart. 

Grayson Cardonna, Prince of Andorra, would rather flee his own country than marry the conniving barracuda his parents want him leg-shackled to for all eternity.  
When he comes across a sassy Southern Belle, their sizzling attraction blazes hot enough to cause an international incident—a royally scandalous one.  
And in the world of all things majestic, they’ll soon have to decide if true love can overrule even the noblest of duties. 

​A steamy royal romantic comedy featuring star-crossed lovers whose undeniable chemistry will make you swoon. 

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