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From Joslyn Westbrook comes a steamy opposites-attract contemporary romance starring two lonely hearts who find themselves crazy over that somebody who is everything they never dreamed of falling in love with. 


I’m no damn damsel in distress. 

As far as I’m concerned Prince Charming can just suck it. 

So, guess what?

I, Lauren Blakely, do solemnly swear to never fall for another member of the opposite sex. 

And I mean it this time.

Instead, I’ll focus on my popular Haute Couture fashion line.


That is…


Until I meet him—Mr. Grumpy McHottie Limo Driver who runs over my cell phone. 

He thinks I’m a bossy ice princess who does nothing but complain about how slow he drives.

I think he’s a bad boy jerk who hides behind dark sunglasses. 

But it’s hard to ignore how my heart skips a thousand beats whenever he’s near. 

And when he swoops in to save me from heartache, I realize even strong independent women need someone to rescue them...sometimes.

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