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Gia Rossi and Reed Cortez are, by far, my favorite couple.

Together, they are sexy, romantic, and know just how to yank at my heartstrings. Our leading guy is a pro hockey player and our leading lady is a gorgeous ballerina. This sneak peek is from our hero's POV...


“I don’t know, shouldn’t we, like, kiss or something?” Hands resting on the plane of my chest, Gia toys with the button on my coat as I lean in closer. 

I can tell she’s nervous as fuck, and honestly, it’s cute as all freaking hell.

“For all I know,” she goes on, barely meeting my gaze, “you could be a terrible kisser, and if that’s the case, we may as well forget all about a fling.”

With my attention stuck on her taste-me-now mouth, I lick my lips then softly say, “You honestly believe I could be a terrible kisser?” 

The undeniable heat that sizzles between us makes my cock twitch, and the coy smile on her face has me wondering if she can feel it despite the barrier my heavy coat provides. 

“You’ll have to show me you’re not.” 

Pretty sure this woman has what it takes to ruin me. 

“You sure you’re ready for this, Rossi?” I rest my forehead against hers as my palm cups the side of her face. She spills a faint gasp the moment my thumb traces her bottom lip, and I can't help but smirk. “My kisses lead to more.”

Is that a threat, Cortez?” As if to steal a taste, her tongue swipes where my thumb had just been. 

“It’s a promise.”

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