From Joslyn Westbrook comes a steamy contemporary romance that features a pro hockey player and an aspiring prima ballerina who find themselves wanting the one person they were never supposed to fall for.


When I came across an opportunity to have a fling with  a hot-as-puck hockey king it seemed like a breezy win-win. 


Just as long as we followed a hard set of ground rules:


1. Must be kept secret—especially since our families are enemies.

2. Don't expect more; it’s only a fling.

3. If one of us begins to catch feelings, refer to the line above.

These rules served a purpose. 

No distractions to pull his focus away from winning a hockey championship trophy.

No diversions that’ll keep me from my dream of making it into the London Ballet.

But as things grew intense between us, my stupid heart began to free fall for a guy I knew would never be more than some casual hook up. 

And after I decided to end it, get out before I plummeted too deep, Mr. Off Limits slid into my DMs...


We said no strings.

But I can’t get you off my mind.

Your laugh. Your smile.

Those sexy-as-sin moans. 

How it felt to wake up with you in my arms.

I miss that. I miss you. I miss us. 

We both know this thing between us isn’t simple. 

Maybe we’ve become more than just a fling. 

Meet me tomorrow night.

You know the place. 


Perhaps some rules are made to be broken.

Release Date Coming Soon