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From Joslyn Westbrook comes a dreamy contemporary romance featuring a pro hockey player and an aspiring prima ballerina whose forbidden fling turned out to be so much more.​​​​​​​


There’s nothing wrong with having a secret fling with your older brother’s best friend. 


Until feelings get in the way.


My fling with a hot-as-puck hockey king seemed like a breezy win-win. 


Just as long as we followed a hard set of ground rules:


1. Must remain a secret—especially since he's my older brother's best friend.

2. Don't expect more; it’s only a fling.

3. If one of us begins to catch feelings, refer to the line above.

These rules served a purpose. 

No distractions to pull his focus away from scoring a hockey championship trophy.

No diversions to keep me from earning a spot in the esteemed New York City Ballet.

But as things grew intense between us, my stupid heart began to free fall for a guy I knew would never be more than some casual hook up. 

And after I decided to end it, get out before I plummeted too deep, Mr. Off Limits slid into my DMs...


We agreed to stop, but you’re still on my mind.

Not being able to see, kiss, and hold you will ruin me. 

This no-strings thing between us has never been simple. 

Maybe we’ve become more than just a fling.

Meet me tomorrow night.

You know the place. 


Perhaps some rules are meant to be broken.

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