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From Joslyn Westbrook comes a steamy fairytale-ish contemporary romance with a snarky cinderella-ish heroine and a cocky prince charming-ish hero who have a hilariously unforgettable first encounter on a train.


I’m no damn Cinderella.


As far as I’m concerned Prince Charming can just suck it. 


So, guess what? 


I, Daniella Belle, do solemnly swear to never fall for another member of the opposite sex. 


And I mean it this time.


Instead, I’ll chase my dream to someday become a lingerie designer. 


That is...


Until I bump into him—Mr. Cocky McHottie who believes he can charm the panties off every woman he meets. 


Sure he’s handsome, and somehow I can’t help but swoon over his arrogance. 


But since the king of lingerie hasn’t had to work hard at anything in life, I’ll make him work hard to win me over. 


Unless his irresistible charm wins me over first. 

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